Homework for Mon, Sept 16, 2013

Read the Announcer Chapter aloud – Chapter 11. Do the exercises. Pick ONE you think your voice is most suited for and polish it for playback in class. Follow the directions on page 18 of our Workbook with ONE additional exercise that I DO NOT want you to do for playback in class (see below for both spots that are to be excluded). Both of these are genres with very specific styles of delivery and while you MAY be able to do them, you need to know that you have the ability to do more. Imaging usually requires editing and production skills and infomercials will not pay the mortgage. You must include the written work in addition to the recorded work. Please read the instructions carefully.

Commercials – Announcer

Chapter 11 in the book discusses Announcer copy. While this is one of the most traditional styles of script, the old-style hand over the ear announcer delivery is a thing of the past – and when used is almost always a parody. Announcer copy can be straight to crazy, but does not have personal pronouns (I, we, us). Think about the demographic – the audience – for the spot. Who would buy what this commercial is advertising? This should help you find an approach that would be appropriate for the audience.

Read the entire chapter – record ALL the sample scripts at least once. Then pick one to polish and have ready for playback in class. Pick a spot that is suited to your voice. This is part of your job – to know what you do best. Try to think like a casting director. Are you right for the job? Read the stated “specs.”

This chapter has a lot of variety in styles of copy – Retail, Imaging, Promos, Food, Movie Trailer, PSA, Products, etc. And lots of different styles of delivery – traditional announcer, conversational, comedic, tongue-in-cheek, etc. (NOTE: Do NOT do the Radio Imaging – OR – Skizzer for playback in class. Also please note that this book has lots of typos! You will get copy with typos – learn to work with them and figure things out!)

Again – you need to know what you do best so that you can be sure you are delivering reads that get the producer’s attention.


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