The Real Voices behind TTS (Text to Speech)

Check out this article and video clip about the humans who end up as the synthesized voices you hear on your electronics (like Siri).

Another one of my voiceover friends, September Day, is featured in this article.

I do not know the woman featured in the video that goes with this article, but I do, of course, recognize her voice. Listen to when she talks about using your own voice. While they talk about putting on an act for some kinds of things, this is one area where you really need to know your true voice so that you can get back to it many years down the road. On the other hand, September talks about using her “early 20’s” voice. If you can hear a snippet of what you did, you should be able to get right back into whatever “voice” you were using on a project. I think what they meant was they just wanted the voice talent to simply talk, not act.

The programming to make these systems work is pretty amazing and I am not sure that they will ever completely be able to replace humans. Maybe they will. Just another thing for new voiceover folk to worry about! Ain’t technology grand.


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