Homework for Mon. Oct 7, 2013

Don’t have my book or workbook with me here in San Antonio, but I will give you as much detail as possible.

Basically you are to go through the character chapter in your text book and pick one spot to polish and have ready for playback in class. The details of this assignment are in your workbook, page 30 I think. It should be obvious which assignment this is. We’ll just call it another thinking on your feet exercise – trying to figure out what the client wants.

There are some boxes for you to fill out in order to help you develop a strong believable character. Give your character a meaningful name. Not just Ben. Bad Ass Ben would be better. And then what could this character say to help you get back to the voice you are creating? “I’m Ben and I’m bad.” Do something with the ‘b’s when you speak, for example.

Then think about what this character could look like. Is there anything distinctive that will help you get back to the voice. Use the boxes to help you with the details. Fill in the boxes as much as you can. We’ll work on this more in class.





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