Homework for Mon, Oct 14, 2013

So, are we having fun yet!? We should be, we’re doing characters this week and next week. So let’s break down the walls of those boxes we keep ourselves in in order to conform to the norm. We don’t have to do that in this class! We still have to analyze what we do and determine if it is going to grab a producer by the ears, or if it is going to be deleted from the in-box.

So, for your homework. I gave out pictures in class. If you missed class, pick one of these images and then do the Assignment from the Workbook starting on Page 28 – Cartoons / Animation / Characters – developed from a picture. Here are three images to choose from for the first part of this assignment. Study them. Look at the bodies. Look at the faces.









Fill in the character description on Pages 28 and 29 – AND THEN – turn to Page 30 and turn your character into a toaster.

Written Assignment – Part 2: Now, as happens frequently with voiceover pros, someone will hear your demo and want you to do a certain character voice sound for their script, but of course their script is different. The character may SOUND like your character – sort of. Or ACT like your character – sort of.

With the character from the picture nailed down, use the details of your character breakdown and change your character into a toaster. See Page 151 of your Textbook. The script titled – “Big Refrigerator Co.”

Recording Assignment – Part 2: Transcribe and then Record the first script in the chapter – “Big Refrigerator Co.” Follow the directions on Page 30.

Have this ready for playback in class when you are called on.


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