Homework for Wed, Oct 23, 2013

For those who were not in class on Monday, you have some catching up to do! We watched a bunch of non-broadcast projects (stuff that could have gone on the grid on page 14 of your Workbook , the Marketing/Training/Communication – Non Broadcast/Internet grid.

We also looked at a documentary in class. But, as it states on page 14, it is hard NOT to find material to review. Look at the first two pages of Chapter 16 in your textbook for a list of some of the types of projects you need to look for.

Your homework for Wednesday – also from Chapter 16 in your text…

Narration / Documentary / Multimedia

Moving on to documentary, marketing, training – and other forms of voiceover work. From Chapter 16 – select one piece to record and have ready for playback in class. As usual – read all of the exercises aloud before deciding which to select for playback in class.

The selections provide a variety of typical “long form” work – documentary, informational, employee communication piece, corporate rah-rah, training, audio tours, etc.  (Some of it actually isn’t so long, but and some may have the feel of a commercial, especially the short marketing pieces on someone’s website.)

Read the instructions for the written part of the assignment.


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