Looking for a Class this semester at San Diego City College?

DJRN 200 Newswriting for Multimedia (print not broadcast) has space available! It is being offered M/W 12:45 – 2 p.m.  They can contact Professor Roman Koenig for add code   RKoenig@sdccd.edu   

Course DetailsComments:


ENGL 101 or ENGL 105 with a grade of “C” or better, or equivalent, or Assessment Skill Levels R6/W6.

DJRN 200 Newswriting for Multimedia

This course offers a new-media approach to introducing the fundamentals of newswriting and reporting for online and print environments. Emphasis is on newsgathering strategies, writing basic news stories, and producing news content on deadline. Topics also include legal and ethical issues in news media, including the unique challenges posed by emerging online formats. This course is designed for students pursuing media-related majors and for those seeking employment in the field. Associate Degree Credit & transfer to CSU.

2.00 Lecture Hours, 3.00 Lab Hours, 3.00 Units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option


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