Homework for Mon, Feb 10, 2014

As we discussed in class on Monday, we will be working together in teams to finish your voice evaluations. The homework listed here is for this coming Monday, Feb 10, 2014.

There are two things to turn in on Monday. One is a Written Assignment – the first of a series of listening exercises that we’ll be doing throughout the semester. This is listening specifically to TV commercials. Refer to page 10 of your Workbook for the compete assignment. It is pretty self-explanatory, except for the column marked Approach – this is where you would tell me what kind of spot it is – in your face hard sell, or something low key soft sell – or something in the middle. Some spots don’t do a lot of selling – they tell a story and get you emotionally – think about the style of the puppies and horses in this year’s Super Bowl. While not a lot of VO in that – OK, no VO other than the song – you get the idea.

The other assignment is Written AND Recorded. Your first recording exercise of the semester. Read BOTH Page 8 and Page 9 in your workbook carefully to remind yourself of what we talked about in class. PLEASE read it carefully so that you answer all the questions listed on both pages, plus understand what it is I am asking you to do and think about.

Because this is due this coming Monday, you can ask me questions in class tomorrow – Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014.

I would also like you to start reading the textbook – “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.” We’ll be talking about Chapters the first 9 Chapters a lot during the next 3 classes, so try to find some time to do a little reading as well. As we work through your recording assignments starting on Monday, I will be working in bits and pieces from these chapters as I hear what you have selected and how you are performing.


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