Homework for Mon, Feb 24, 2014

Ack! End of February already…sheesh.

OK, you guys did a good job on picking the first spot. Now you get a chance to do it again. Please note that due to the size of the class, I am combining the Announcer Chapter (Chapter 11) and the Spokesperson Chapter (Chapter 12) exercises into one project.

So, in a nutshell. READ ALL of the scripts provided in both of those Chapters (except for the following notes just below) and select ONE that you think your voice is suited for. Again, read them ALL ALOUD at least once so that you can hear yourself reading the words. You must start reading things aloud.

Do not record the following spots for playback in class. You may record them of course, but not for playback in class.

  • Do not do the Radio Imaging or the Promo copy from Chapter 11
  • Do not do Heartbeat Way or Bodywise from Chapter 12
  • If you do Google Eyes, do Spectacles too.

Before you do your recording that you want me to play back in class for critique, please refer to Page 19 of your Workbook for the WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT.

NOTE: No matter which chapter you select your script from, you will be doing the Written Assignment on Page 19.

There are two parts to the Written Assignment. Part One is the general overview and understanding of the spot. Demographic. Hero client/product. Key Messages/Copy Points. Marking the script that you have transcribed. And letting me know if this is an Announcer spot or a Spokesperson spot and if it is Spokes – what level.

Part Two is the 6 W’s – Who you are. Who you are talking to. Where are you? What are you doing? Why are you saying these words? And When is this all taking place?

Any questions, please drop me a note. You have my email address in the syllabus.


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