Doing anything tonight – tomorrow night? How ’bout some FREE VO talk!

If you are serious about getting into the voiceover business, you need to soak up as much information about it as possible. That means opening up those ears and listening to everything that is voiceover. Signing up for blogs and message boards and groups on social media to read about everything that is voiceover. Verbalizing all kinds of copy and analyze your results. Finding a respected coach or three or four to listen and analyze as well. Some of this will cost, yes. But what business doesn’t involved some training?

If you have been successful in an entrepreneur type business, there are probably two routes you may have followed. You were completely trained at a regular full-time job and eventually decided to venture out on your own. In that case you had the expertise to do the work, but perhaps your training involved learning how to manage being an independent contractor. You needed to learn the business of the business.

The other route is to have an idea of your dream job, but not real understanding of the realities of the business. In this case, you have to train on more levels. You need to know the total scope of the business you are getting into. You need to know where you fit. You need to know your current level of abilities, as well as your potential for growth.

The voiceover biz is somewhat subjective, yes. Our voices and our interpretation of the copy may be “perfect” to one set of ears listening – or not “right” to another set. But is a difference between not right and not ready. You need to be the person to make THAT critical decision – before you spend every spare cent on equipment, lessons and marketing.

So find the free stuff to help you find what you are right for and when you are ready! Here are two ideas for getting some good information without breaking the bank.

Voice Over TalkTime! from Edge Studio. This is a free webinar where you can listen and speak freely with people interested in the same topic.

February 23, 9:15 pm – 10:15 pm ET . . .TONIGHT!
Discussion topic: Being productive in inclement weather.  

To join TalkTime! in the new format click here.

Can’t make it tonight, then there is another FREE weekly Voiceover conversation called East West Audio Body Shop with George Wittam and Dan Lenard.

Again, these are FREE resources. Take advantage of them while they are around. Save your dough for when you need to hire someone to troubleshoot your recording space, or for that high end specialized coach, or that great microphone that is perfect for your voice.


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