Homework for Wed, Feb 26, 2014

Another one of those assignments where you really need to find a quite space where you don’t have a peanut gallery watching you. You need to be able to let yourself go and DO NOT let your brain get in the way!

Trial by TV – Page 17 of your Workbook.

This assignment is a bit different than talking back to the radio in that you will be changing the channel every 15 seconds or so and not focusing on the particular words, but on the sounds – with the goal of just letting the words/sounds you hear go in your ears and out of your mouth. This means voices, music, noises. This mean men, women, children, animals. This mean different languages, accents, dialects. Whatever you hear – just open your mouth and attempt to copy it.

Again, NO JUDGEMENT. There is no right or wrong in what happens. But do try to let down those barriers about what is acceptable behavior and just let loose. Read the instructions for complete information on this exercise and then answer the questions to be turned in on Wednesday.

If you do not have access to a TV, then use the radio – changing the station every 15 seconds or so – and use both AM and FM stations for the exercise.


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