San Diego City College Summer Classes are BACK!

Some good news to report – there will be summer classes in the Radio TV Film Department in 2014. Here is a list of what we think will be offered, so make sure you are ready to register if you need a class.

The following courses will be offered:

95117  COMS  103  Oral Communications MW    6 – 9:10 P  CITY  R110   BERRY, JOSEPH .         

99140 COMS 103  Oral Communications T/TH     0740 A.M. – 10:50 A.M.  CITY  R112  GURMILAN, HUMBERTO    

99273  COMS  103  Oral Communications W     7:40 A.M. – 2:40 P  CITY  R111   NEWMAN, MELISSA

94955  COMS 103  Oral Communications TR    5:30 P.M. – 8:40 P  MCRD/  MILITARY BASE  JACOBS, LINDSAY

95219    DJRN  100 Digital Journalism  Mass Media in the Digital Age  Hybrid on line.  

95126  RTVF 132   Radio Remotes and Special Events (Jazz Live ) TR 6:00-8:40pm     Dave Drexler    room R110 +3hrs by arrangement per week

95134  RTVF  124  Electronic Field Production (Shooting Class) TR 11am-1:20pm  .  Bob Sly         room  R 112  +6hrs by arrangement per week

95165  RTVF 140   Intro to News writing TR 11am-1:20pm     L. Castaneda    room V403b  +6hrs by arrangement per week

RTVF 270  Work Experience    CAP 15   L. Castaneda

99088 1 D           1145 1 D   TBA   TBA       CITY  CLSRM

99097 1 D           1145 1 D   TBA   TBA       CITY  CLSRM

95178  RTVF 245   TV Workshop (TV Demo Reels) MW 2:20-5:50pm   .   C. Acedo        room   R113

Still waiting on confirmation of RTVF 160: Intro to Cinema  Wednesdays 9-3 or 3-9 p 


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