Homework for Mon, Apr 7, 2014

This is your Mid-Term Assignment/Take Home Exam…

Please refer to Page 32 of your Workbook. 

In preparation for your Final Project, you will be creating a radio or TV voiceover by finding a print ad that contains enough information for you to easily convert it to something that works for the ear. The other methods for finding material to put on a demo is to transcribe something off the radio and TV and make it your own, or create your own material from scratch (or have someone do that for you).

While most of what you are doing for this assignment you have been doing for weeks now, there are a couple of NEW things that will be required for the Final Project, so read the instructions carefully to make sure you know what it new. Again, have the WRITTEN and the RECORDED parts of the assignment ready for playback in class on Monday, April 7, 2014.

You will find some controversy in the voiceover community about creating demo material from magazine ads, but there are no laws or rules pertaining to demos that restrict you. I recommend that you stay away from spots that have been performed by famous actors as these spots will be recognized by the producer listening to the demo – perhaps not consciously, but somewhere in the back of their mind, something is nagging at them, which disconnects them from listening to your delivery. Especially if your delivery is not GREAT! (This goes back to knowing when something is not-quite-ready for prime time.)

Some coaches and demo producers recommend that you not put recognizable brand names on your demo if you have not actually worked for the brand. But making up fake names is risky too, especially if they don’t sound believable. An option here is to record the entire spot you have created (from an ad, transcribed off the air, or original copy) and after adding the music and sound FX, include parts of the spot that don’t actually say the name of the client. (Remember, for this assignment, you will NOT be adding music and/or SFX, it is just your voice.)

Also remember that demos change as you start to work and get copies of your work that are fit to go on a new demo.


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