Practice Tips from Edge Studio

Was on the Sunday night Edge Studio teleconference chatting about commercials last night. These are free calls and there are enough pros on the calls so that newbies can get some of their questions answered. Edge Studio has lots of free resources, as well as classes, and a weekly “contest” where you can submit a read on the posted script and possibly win some free coaching.

They also send out a newsletter with tips. Today’s tips were focused on practicing. I agree with almost everything said in the article – with a clarification on one point.

4. Avoid stopping yourself in the middle of a take. I’ve heard people work themselves into a corner by re-starting a sentence five times in quick succession. Pounding away at trouble spots only leads to frustration. Instead, keep going … then listen back to the take. If that sentence truly was a disaster, you’ll hear it – but instead of frantically trying to fix it on the fly, you can calmly find a different way to approach it.

Yes, try not to stop in the middle of a take, but starting a take 2, maybe 3 times doing something slightly different each time may help you get going on the “right” read for that take – so you don’t stop in the middle.

You can make it very broad – as Pat Fraley suggests – “Big, Little, In the Middle.” Or you can be a bit more subtle and try letting your subconscious brain work its magic as it listens to your first approach and makes subtle adjustments which makes your second read more connected.

The point about remaining calm is good advice. Getting anxious about voiceovers will cause you to tense up which affects your breathing and your vocal cords.

So take a breath – think about who you are talking to (one person) – and tell them the story…


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