Homework for Wed Apr 23, 2014

Audiobooks – it takes a special kind of personality, vocal strength, fluency and passion to make it in audiobooks. Do you have what it takes? Your homework for Wednesday may help you figure out if you have what it takes to do audiobooks.

Pages 34 and 35 of your workbook is where you will find the assignment for Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Audio books are a horse of a completely different color. You must truly love the experience. Most of us think we can do audio books much in the same way people think they can do cartoon voices. But until you actually read for an extended period of time and experience it for yourself, you can’t really know.

Not everyone will be able to do this – or like to do this. And with the amount of money that you might make – which is low – you really do need to love the process.

So give it a try. Pick the right book for your abilities. Have fun!

Here is a clip from my friend Scott Brick, reading a portion of “The Woods,” by Harlan Coben.


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