7 Bad Habits of Struggling Entrepreneurs

My friend and bi-lingual voiceover colleague, Dan Hurst just posted a fabulous blog about things that will derail a voiceover career.


Read them. Heed them.

Think back to class when we talked about needing to know how to distinguish between what is good and what it not so good and what is great? Dan addresses this in his post…

2. Not Knowing The Difference Between Good, Better, and Great

This is a common failure among voice talents.

Good is based on the market standard. One isn’t even competitive until one is good. Better is stepping beyond good to get noticed. But great is what the client chooses.

How do you do this in the vacuum so many of us work in today?

Study, Listen, Practice, Evaluate, Repeat.

For those of you who do not own a TV – or watch linear TV and skip the commercials – better find a way to watch NEW TV spots. If you only listen to satellite radio, or Pandora where the spots are homogenized, listen to broadcast radio and STUDY the commercials. You MUST know what is selling, how the scripts are being written, what kinds of voices are being used, attitudes, etc.

Trying to find new spots on YouTube is an inefficient and ineffective method. Until broadcast TV and Radio go the way of the Do-do bird, you need to park yourself in front of a TV or radio and LISTEN to the spots.

While you may not end up doing commercials in your voiceover career, you still need to be able to differentiate between good, better and great. The concentrated nature of a block of spots is the most efficient way to do this.



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