Looking for more Voiceover Training and Information? VOICE 2104 is Coming in August.

There is a big voiceover conference this August 27-30, 2104 in Anaheim CA – VOICE 2014. You might want to consider attending if you are looking for more of what we discussed in class this semester. As you know the class here at City is just an introduction and I do not offer advanced classes due to my own voiceover work taking priority.

But several of you have asked me where you can go next. I would suggest that you can not only learn a lot at V.O.I.C.E. (the Voiceover International Creative Experience), but you can probably find some coaches that you like and that you think will push you to the next level.

Please use this link to check it out.   (http://voiceacting.com/dap/a/?a=1842&p=www.voice2014.com)

I was a speaker at the first VOICE conference – VOICE 2007. Did a couple of hours on self-evaluation. Made some life-long friends, many of whom I have worked for since then – and vice versa. Remember, we are not really in competition. We are all unique. We need to be competitive, but that is something entirely different than being “in competition” with someone.

If you go to VOIce 2014, you WILL learn something new and you will make new friends. I looked over the list of people presenting and a lot of them are coaches, so you get a chance to check out their styles and see who you think might be a good fit for more training. You will get a chance to see lots of technology and ask questions of people who know acoustics, and software, and microphones, etc.

So check it out and be sure to use this link, so they will know that you were in my class (or at least signed up for my class blog!).


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