Don’t have a TV? Want to see what kind of voices are being hired to sell stuff?

One of the interesting things about the advances in technology is the number of people who NEVER watch commercials. Partly because of time-shifting and zipping through the ads when they come on, or because they just don’t have a TV set anymore hooked up to cable or broadcast or satellite.

So, how do you study what kinds of voices are doing the national spots – the kinds of voices you want to study.

One option is – where you can find the latest spots with lots of details that you wouldn’t get just watching or listening to the TV or radio. In fact, this site will tell you who the voice talent is so that you can then track down their personal website and listen to more samples.

This clip is a Wal*Mart spot voiced by a friend, Jessie Springer. He has a young light educated male voice. This kind of voice is selling right now! Listen, listen, listen.  Now, he has a top agent in LA and has a chance to audition for these spots, so take that into consideration as well as you study what sets his voice apart from voices that are not competitive.


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