Signed up for the Fall Semester?

If you have registered for the class, you can start now!

Your first assignment is to start listening to everything you can that might involve someone getting paid to read a script into a microphone. Our first couple of weeks will focus on commercials, but you need to know and understand the many areas where voices are being used.

  • Radio and TV commercials (both – because they can be very different in approach)
  • Movie Trailers
  • TV Promos
  • Radio Imaging
  • Voicemail and IVR systems (some are done by pros, some are done by employees)
  • In-store announcements (can you tell the difference between the employee just grabbing the mic and the recorded voice?)
  • Audiobooks
  • Toys
  • Machines
  • Training
  • Radio Plays
  • Documentaries
  • Marketing
  • Employee Communication

If you run across even more areas than are on this list – please post a response below!

In addition to simply figuring out what a voiceover is, you need to start figuring out where you might fit. So study the voices – the gender, the pitch, the attitudes – also the vocal styles, the types of scripts and products. Thing about how the demographic is affecting the tone and the script. It is NOT just about doing “funny voices.”



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