Homework for Wed Aug 20 and Mon Aug 25, 2014

So much fun last night. Thanks for hanging in on that live webinar experience with EWABS.net (East West Audio Body Shop).

OK, for this Wednesday, please fill out the Student Questionnaire – and will do an around the room introduction session so that I can get an idea of everyone’s voice, background and personality!

Then for this coming Monday, August 25, please refer to Page 1 of your Graded Workbook – Listen to Working Voice Talent

Listening to other talent is an essential part of learning. You must learn to pick out the good from the not-so-good! For this exercise, listen to commercial demos (not complete spots, but the generic commercial demos). They are readily available online. Use the resource listed here or do an online search for Talent Agent and you will find demos on most Talent Agent websites these days. Listen to both genders, but for the grid, please use your gender.

www.voicebank.net  (Voice Over Talent Agency – then select Union or Non-Union)

Listen for several things and fill in the grid on your worksheet for at least 5 demos. The grid has boxes for the information listed here.

  1. The name and gender of the talent
  2. The overall technical quality of the demo. Is it good, great, or not-so-good? Does the demo sound “real?” Like the samples on the demo have actually been produced for a paying client?
  3. The kind of voice on the demo – young, old, deep, rich, quirky (come up with a word or two!)
  4. What is the pitch of the voice – high, medium, low
  5. The acting ability and range – does the demo show variety? Does the voice artist sound like they can act or are they simply reading the words. Does it sound Good!



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