Homework for Wed, Sept 3, 2014

Your first script recording assignment! Please refer to Pages 8 and 9 of your Workbook for the complete details of this assignment. You should all have the Workbook by now. If not, you MUST get it before the end of the week, or you will be way behind.

So, as we discussed, please find a radio or TV spot that is currently on the air that you think your voice might be suited for. No crazy characters or over-blown personalities – just a straightforward, single voice spot (or at least a spot with at least 25 seconds or so of contiguous voiceover. If you are focusing on TV spots – DO NOT pick a spot where someone is on-camera talking to you – this is a voiceover class.

You just did your self-evaluation and team evaluation of your basic voice, so you should have a better idea of what kind of voice you have.

Transcribe the spot carefully. You may have to play back the recording numerous times to make sure that you written all the words down correctly.

As described in the assignment – read it aloud at least once, but do not read it over and over and over – you will simply be creating bad habits. After a read through to make sure that all the words are there, record it ONE time – and then answer the questions on Page 9. After analyzing what you did – RECORD the spot a second time. See if you feel that the read improved. 

Please note that there are 4 questions on Page 8 that need to be answered as well.

Bring in the RECORDING of your voice (chose one of the recordings to be ready to play back in class), the TRANSCRIBED SCRIPT (as you will need that to read from in class), AND Pages 8 and 9 with the questions answered.


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