Describing Your Voice…

This is one of the exercises we do in class – try to describe your own voice so that you have a better idea of where you might fit in the voiceover business. Quality, age, etc. We cover a bit more than that, just so that you can pin point things like breathing and articulation.

If you have been struggling with describing your voice, here is a short video that might give you some ideas. The bottom line is that most often, when you are doing main stream voiceover work, you need to sound like yourself…so you need to know what you actually sound like.

Gary Terzza is a voice talent from the UK who has a series of voice acting videos. Here are two of them – the first is about describing your voice. The next is how can you stand out among the crowd of voice talent. Please note that you MUST apply your critical thinking to anything you see, hear or read – so that you pick out the gems of information that apply to you.

Here is a link to his YouTube Channel.

The videos have a short clip of one of his students before each of these embedded clips. And I am having trouble linking directly to the right clips! So try going to his YouTube Channel (see link above) and searching for “Describing Your Voice” and “How to Make Your Voice Stand Out in a Crowd.” (NOTE: Scott commented – You can also click on the drop down button next to “Playlist” and scroll to it that way.)



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