Homework for Wed Sept 10, 2014

Continue to read the first section of your Text if you have not done so yet. We may have a pop quiz on that Section of the book.

Continue to listen to and watch radio and TV commercials and fill in the grids on pages 10 and 11 in your Workbook. This is due on Monday, Sept. 15.

Your homework for Wednesday, Sept. 10 is to do the exercise on Page 17 of your Workbook. This is a listening and spontaneous verbalizing exercise that should help you do a couple of things. Hear yourself as (and sometime even before) you say something. Plus, it will help you hone in on your best most marketable voice by understanding when you are actually connecting with the words, the style, the attitudes you are hearing.

So, follow the directions and answer the questions. Be ready to discuss this in class on Wednesday.


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