What will set you apart as a Voice Actor? “Making the … script your own.”

If you are not joining one of the many many voiceover groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, or trolling the net for free voiceoover information on blogs and podcasts – you are missing the boat. Never has there been so much valuable free advice. Look for it. Read it. Listen to it. You can’t help but pick up some good tips. You’ll find stuff that may not work for you, but use your critical thinking to determine what is your “truth” and what to simply pass.

This short blog post is a reminder that in order to stand apart – to shine in the casting director’s ears, you need to bring your unique brain to the script. Here is a quote from the post…click the link below to read the whole thing.

Making the script your own takes practice and a detailed understanding of what the script you are reading is trying to achieve and the audience it is attempting to persuade. It requires a deeper understanding of the subject matter and recognition of what the key phrases and words are that will impact with the listener. It also requires an understanding of how you should pace the read and where extra emphasis needs to be given or where words can be ‘thrown away’ in terms of the delivery.



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