Homework for Mon Oct 13, 2014

We will finish up with the scripts from the Commercial Characters Chapter of your Textbook.

Continue watching cartoons/anime/animated features – and be ready to turn in the grid from the workbook when I give you the due date. We are still in this section, so I hope your listening will prompt you to experiment with different voices/accents.

To further that quest for different voices, your homework assignment for Monday is the Trial by TV exercise from the Workbook – Page 18.

This exercise is a bit different from Radio Feedback. Place your recorder near the TV where you can record both the sound from the TV and your voice. (Pat Fraley calls this exercise the TV Test and includes something similar it in his audio book “Creating Character Voices for Fun & Profit”). If you do NOT have access to cable where you can change channels, then pick a single animated musical with lots of different characters and songs. (This is not preferred, but OK as a last resort.)

The idea here is to start talking, singing, making noises – whatever you hear the TV doing. Basically, you are mimicking anything and everything you hear. It’s a little different than Radio Feedback, because in that exercise you were concentrating on one thing for a longer period of time. In this case, I want you to change the channel every 15 seconds or so. If using a single video, just let it play – there should be variety. Try everything – you may discover that you have the ability to do great sound effects!

The key to this exercise is to not think about what you are doing. Just let the sound come into your ears and sound come out of your mouth. Try not to worry about what you are doing. This is just for your review. As with the Radio Feedback exercise, you must do this for at least 5 minutes to understand the concept. After doing the exercise, play back your recording for analysis.

Then answer the questions on Page 18 of your Workbook and turn them into me for credit.


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