The Voice Inside Our Head…

There is a little (but sometimes very loud) something in our subconscious that can affect our delivery – when it prevents us from the “right” delivery, then it can become a problem. This is a problem many voice actors face.

Some seek coaches to help find the true – real delivery that comes from being yourself. We talk a lot about this in class. I am actually scheduled with a coach this month to discuss this very subject.

And once again, Paul Strikwerda has written a fabulous post that delves into this very subject.

He has titled it “Getting In Our Own Way.”

Here is one little taste of the article – near the end as he is wrapping it up.

…many of us could benefit from forgetting that there’s a microphone in front of us. Just imagine there’s a dear friend or close relative to whom you’re telling a story. There is no audience. There are no critics. You have nothing to prove.

Easier said than done? Maybe, but you have lots of resources to help you try to figure it out.

Listen, record, analyze. Read the plethora of free blogs. Watch the volumes of free videos. Join some work out groups. Be prepared to spend some money. Take some more classes. Hone your listening and reading skills. Bookmark resources. Sign up for blogs you like.

Whether you are just getting starting – figuring out if you might be able to carve out a living in the voiceover business – or have had some success – or are actually making a living doing voiceover work – you need to be able to hear if you are hitting the mark or not. You need to know that what you are doing is competitive.

And this doesn’t stop once you start actually working. As the stakes rise, so does the competition!


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