Extra Credit Assignment – Due Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Here is another chance to pick up a point of credit. You know if you need it or not!

Pages 23 and 24 of your workbook – The Hallmark spot.

There is a missing word! See if you can figure out where in the script this missing word might be and make a suggestion that will help the script make sense. Then follow the instructions on page 24.

As you have seen throughout the class, there are errors on scripts. You need to be thinking as you read, so that you can spot errors. If you don’t notice that what you have said isn’t really making sense, then your brain is not really engaged.

This is part of our job as the voice talent. We are in effect the last line of quality checking when it comes to the script. This is especially true when we are self-directing. If we are in a studio with an engineer, you can have a discussion about the script and between the two of you, it can usually be figured out. But not always! Sometimes it takes a call to the client (if they are not present either in person or on the phone) to get the answer.

But if you don’t even see that there could be a problem, then your brain isn’t actively involved in the process.


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