A chat with Anthony Mendez, the narrator for “Jane the Virgin”

One of the great things about the voiceover business today is the ability to network with other voice talent around the world. I had a chance to meet Anthony Mendez several years ago online and then in person. He is riding high right now with his wonderful “latin lover” narration for the big big hit show – “Jane the Virgin.”

Here is a recent interview with Anthony talking about his role in the show – and about his other work in voiceover.



2 thoughts on “A chat with Anthony Mendez, the narrator for “Jane the Virgin”

  1. Oh, sorry! Evenings in the fall – days in the spring. I don’t offer any regular private lessons – other than an occasional odd-ball coaching for someone who isn’t really in the VO biz – like an author who wants to do their own book, or an athlete moving from the field to the radio or TV.

    And not knowing what stage you are in, it will be hard to offer suggestions. So send me an email and let me know what you know about the VO biz so far and then I can offer some ideas.

    Click the tab with information about me and you can find my email address by following the breadcrumbs.


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