Writing Demo Copy

One of the things we address in the class at San Diego City College are the steps to creating a demo – in fact, the final project is learning how to create material for a commercial demo. Most of the students in my classes are not ready to create a demo immediately after the class, but they leave armed with the concept of how to create a demo when they get to that stage.

One of the biggest questions of course is where to get the copy to go on a demo.

Well, here is a great article from Edge Studio (which has lots and lots of free material for aspiring voice talent) that gives you some additional insight on how to find/create good copy without running into issues with usage.

Here are the highlights from this article – but click here to get more details!

  • For recordings you’ve been paid to voice, it’s okay to put them on your demo, but get prior written permission from the client or their agent.

  • For auditions you didn’t land, it is even more important to get the client’s prior written permission, and even then it might not be advisable, for a variety of reasons.

  • For text cribbed from existing ads or commercials and other copyrighted works, we believe the legal doctrine of Fair Use allows you to use it on your demo, but it is better to use custom-written copy that doesn’t even include brand names. This, too, is for various reasons.

If you are just starting and don’t have any paid material to put on a demo, or even any auditions, you will be creating everything from scratch, so please read this whole article. And we’ll address this in greater detail as we move through the semester.

One thing to remember – just because you have been paid to record something doesn’t mean it should go on your demo! Teaching you self-evaluation skills is another part of the class.


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