Homework for Mon, Feb 2, 2015

Two assignments for Monday, February 2, 2015.

Assignment #1 – Where Do You Hear Voiceover Artists? – refer to page 2 of your graded workbook. This is a listening and thinking exercise. Please list as many different areas of voiceover that you can think of. Not specific cases, but genres. Radio Commercials is listed for you as a start. Fill in at LEAST a dozen (12) different areas where people are paid to read copy. This information goes in column 1.

Then, you need to start thinking about who is casting for these voices and/or paying the bills! Advertising agencies, casting directors, producers and production companies listen to voices for radio spots. That information is listed for you on the form in column 2. I will not be grading you on column 2 – just the 12 different genres in column 1 – BUT you need to start thinking about this stuff.

Assignment #2 – Voice Self-Evaluation – Describe Your Voice. Pages 5 and 6 of your workbook have a series of questions you are to answer about your own voice. You general speaking voice. There are two lines – one is for you to fill out and the other will be done later with a partner in class.

Try recording a phone conversation – just your side is fine. Then listen back to yourself. You might want to try talking to different people, as your voice probably does change a bit depending on who you are talking to. But, this is great information to have!


NOTE: If you missed the first day of class, I will give you one extra day to turn in the homework that was due today. If you were in class on Monday, then, sorry.

The assignment is on the handout you received today – Page 1 of your workbook. Listen to Working Voice Talent.


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