Homework for Wed Feb 18, 2105

Remember, no class on Monday the 16th due to the Holiday.

We will finish up the first “Choice” project and start on your selections from the Announcer Chapter in the textbook.

Commercials are a good place to start listening and practicing because there are so many out there to choose from. Plus, they are relatively short. The stories they are telling are compact and easy to digest.

So, for Wednesday, Feb. 18th, be ready to play back ONE spot from Chapter 11 – Announcer. Please refer to your Workbook – Page 19 – for the complete assignment, included which spots I do NOT want you to select for playback in class. I want you to read aloud and analyze them all, of course, but you need to select just ONE for playback in class.

Make sure you follow the instructions 1 – 5 and turn that in to me in order to get credit for this assignment.


2 thoughts on “Homework for Wed Feb 18, 2105

  1. Well, you have found a site with lots of information about voiceover. So start here reading everything you can. And start listening to what kind of voices are being hired. Evaluate your own voice for pitch, placement, tone, energy. Then start listening for the kind of material that other voices with your same general parameters are doing. Transcribe. Record. Playback. Critique. Repeat.

    And follow the links here to lots of other great resources. If you are in San Diego, come take the class this Fall.


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