Homework for Mon Mar 2, 2015

While we most likely will not start the Spokesperson Chapter on Monday, as we have barely start the Announcer playbacks, that is your next recording and writing assignment.

Please refer to Page 20 in your Workbook for the details.

You will find the copy for the assignment in Chapter 12 of the Textbook Spokesperson. You may find that there is very little difference between some announcer copy and some spokesperson copy, and in fact, a few of the spots in these chapters could be switched around, but in general, you find that Spokesperson spots have a bit more involvement for the voice actor and frequently use personal pronouns such as I, we, our, us.

Do the same reading aloud process as with the previous assignment. Read them all – but select one for playback in class and for the written part of the assignment. (NOTE: Do NOT do Heartbeat Way or Bodywise for playback in class.)

For the one you select, you must also have the Written Assignments.

Part 1 (this is basically the same as the Announcer assignment) 

  1. Transcribe the spot you select to read onto a separate piece of paper – please remember to double space so that you can mark the copy
  2. Highlight the copy points/key messages in a colored highlighter
  3. Using pencil – continue to develop you own personal markings to help you deliver the words the way you want them to be delivered
  4. Indicate somewhere on the page what level of Spokesperson spot it is: Boss, Employee or Customer
  5. Identify the Hero Client and/or Product by writing it somewhere on the page.
  6. Describe the Demographic (this will help in the other writing assignment)

Part 2: NEW: Build the Character using the Six W’s. Refer to Chapter 4, Hiding the Sell to get some more background on how to build the character.

The Six W’s: be as detailed as possible – and please follow the bulleted format. Do not write a paragraph of prose and expect me to wade through and pick out the W’s. With a class this size, I need you help on this.

  • Who are you? (What do you look like? What kind of clothes are you wearing? Your age, education, socio-economic background, etc. You may be close to you, but what shade of you?)
  • Who are you talking to? (ONE PERSON! Describe this person. Male or female? Young or old? Related to you? A peer? etc. The more you know who you are talking to, the more you know how to talk to them.)
  • Where are you? (This may or may not be related to the script.)
  • Why are you there? (It helps to know why you are talking.)
  • What are you doing? (Try not to say that you are selling me the product. Find some sort of physical something that will help establish your character.)
  • When is the action taking place? (Don’t tell me Tuesday unless it is Super Tuesday. Or Saturday, unless it is your wedding day.)

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