Homework for Wed Mar 18, 2015

We will continue with the Real Person reads on Monday. For Wednesday you have two assignments.

1. Trial by TV. Page 18 of your workbook. This exercise is to start getting your brain ready to romp around freely. We went over it now in the last two classes. The instructions are pretty self-explanatory, so please read Page 18 carefully and then just go have some fun. Be ready to turn in the written assignment on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

2. Read the Multiples Chapter in the textbook – Chapter 15. See if you can find a partner and read the exercises aloud. We will read copy for multiple actors on Wednesday, March 18. You will need to be in the class on Wednesday to receive credit for this assignment.

You will have opportunities for Extra Credit coming up soon. So if you have been missing class due to illness, you should be able to make up a few points with Extra Credit assignments.


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