Yes, and…Edge Studio article on Improv and VO

I recommend getting on the Edge Studio email list for their newsletters. Today’s contains a great article on using Improv in voiceover work.

The biggest tenet of Improv is to never say no to anything. It stops the action. Instead say “Yes, and…” which opens the doors to the next bit of creativity to flow.

Here is a sample from the article and includes something that we have talked about a lot in class – things that will help your read be more believable, true, real…when you get a piece of copy you are…

at liberty to inflect on it, to adjust the timing in places (to pause, slow down, speed up), to express humor, sadness or any other emotion in your tone of voice, and add other such touches as may be acceptable to the director or client. In fact, that’s one of the reasons they hire you, rather than read it themselves. They want qualities that you can add to the copy they’ve given you. In other words, …

Yes, and …

Improvisational training helps with this because it aids your understanding of timing, emotion and what connects (or doesn’t connect) with an audience.

Great stuff here. Read the rest of the article and sign up for their newsletters. You can also try their free Weekly Script Recording Contest.


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