Homework for Mon May 11, 2015

Audiobook Exercise – Pages 36 and 37.

Audio books are a horse of a completely different color. You must truly love the experience. Most of us think we can do audio books much in the same way people think they can do cartoon voices. But until you actually read for an extended period of time and experience it for yourself, you can’t really know.

Pick a book you think your voice is suited for. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Do not pick a children’s book for this exercise.

Get comfortable – sit, don’t stand. Or perch on a stool. (I actually do stand to record audiobooks, but that is just me.) If you have not read the entire book before, please read at least a chapter one time through spotting hard to pronounce words or names. If you have selected fiction with dialogue, you will need to identify the different roles and decide what you will do with your voice to differentiate the characters.

Then get some water, turn on the recorder and simply read. Do not worry too much about making mistakes – this is a learning experience – but if you do need to stop – just take a breath and start over at what would make a convenient edit point.

Read a page – then listen back to what you did. After hearing the playback apply some critical self-evaluation of the result. Did you stumble on words? Mispronounce a word? Start sounding sing-song? That sort of thing. This will give you some feedback as you now start the recorder again and pick back up where you left off – reading now for as long as you can. NOTE: Read at Least 6 pages. (For those of you who thought you might want to do this kind of work, try a few more pages than that!)

Not everyone will be able to do this – or like to do this. And with the amount of money that you might make – which is low – you really do need to love the process.

So give it a try. Pick the right book for your abilities. Have fun.

Then fill out the questions on Page 37 of your workbook. And bring in the book you chose to read from to class on Monday.


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