New page added to the blog. Check it out…

Most of you know that I teach the intro to voice acting class at City College in San Diego, but that I don’t do any outside coaching, because I am a full-time voiceover talent. However, I was a featured speaker at the first VOICE conference and was browsing audio files the other day and started to listen.

It is holding up pretty well! So, I decided to edit it down a bit and make it available for those of you who were not there.

It is now about 1 hour twenty minutes of how the Art & Science of Self-Evaluation can help you – whether you are just considering a career in voiceover – or maintaining a career in voiceover. It’s not about acting. It’s about how to tell if what you hear or do is good acting. It’s about how to tell where you might fit. And it has stuff about how important the business and technology side of things that most of us already know.

Just look for the Tab at the top of the Blog called VO Self-Evaluation Seminar.


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