Homework for Mon Aug 31, 2015

With a large class, it always takes longer than you think to do anything!

In case you didn’t hear what the assignments were for Monday, here they are.

  1. Finish up the Grid on Page 1 of your workbook – Listening to Working Voice Talent.
  2. Finish up the list on Page 2 of your workbook – Where do you hear voiceover artists? (As mentioned in class on Monday, you can start to fill out the right side of the list if you can. The left side is mandatory for credit. The right side is to start you thinking about marketing.)
  3. Fill in the Self part of Pages 6 and 7 of your workbook – Describe your voice. You will work with a partner on Monday to see if there is consensus.
  4. Read through the first 4 chapters of the text. We covered Chapter 2 a bit in class today. We will cover Chapters 3 and 4 next week.

Any questions, just drop me a note.


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