Homework for Mon Sept 14, 2015

Please start reading Section II of the text – “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.” (If you are not in the class this semester, but still on the email list, you might want to go back and read along with this semester’s class! You may find it more valuable this time around now that you have had time to digest what you learned.)

Your next graded recording assignment will start with a selection from the Announcer Chapter, but leading up to that is your opportunity to practice some copy from Chapter 10: Tags, Donuts, Promos & Trailers – which are all very different kinds of things.

Please read the chapter. Follow the suggestions of the author to record and listen back – evaluating what you have done. This is going to part of your routine if you decide to become a voice talent. Your auditions will be done in this way. You will break down the copy, understand the specs, record it, play it back, and decide if it is ready to send on to the client for consideration.

If you are not doing this effectively, you will not be cast. So, use the examples in the book to help train your ear and adjust your performance.

For Monday, we will continue what we started last night – reviewing the “First Choice” exercise. So far, the spots you picked were good examples. If you have not had a chance to get up in front of the class, but realized that what you selected was just not the best choice, you have time to fix that!


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