Is the Announcer Read Dead?

One of my very talented voiceover buddies is a guy named Rick Lance. He has some great pipes and would be the guy who everyone says should be doing voiceovers.

He has that low resonant very listenable voice that is the perfect representation of the traditional “announcer” voice.

But, the announcer voice is dead – right? Well, yes and no. It depends. Just like most of life, there are no absolutes.

Rick posted a blog today that talks about this. Check it out.

If you have a big boomy comfortable voice, you may still be able to find scripts to read. It takes knowing what you have to sell, creating a great demo to show it off and then getting that demo out to the people who may want to buy what you have to sell.

This is the lesson that so many beginning talent with talent fail to learn. This is a business and just having talent will not be enough.


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