Homework for Wed Sept 16, 2015

Radio Feedback – Page 18 of your Workbook. (Please look at the Title – some of the workbooks were printed with an extra page, so your book may actually have this assignment on Page 17. I’ll clarify this numbering issue next time we meet – but you will find the assignment on one of these pages.)

Please do the exercise for more than a few minutes. Again we are focusing on commercials at the moment. Try to listen to at least 3 to 4 commercial breaks. Depending on the station you listen to, you may hear them bunched up differently.

Reading Assignment: Finish reading Chapter 10, if you have not done so. Read the samples aloud. Use your self-evaluation skills to determine which of the samples might be “right” for you. Then begin Chapter 11: Announcer. You will be picking your next recorded script from this chapter.


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