Thinking about getting into Voiceover?

Edge Studio is a well-respected voiceover training group based out of New York. I forward a lot of their blogs through this site and I strongly suggest that you sign up for their newsletter. They also have a free weekly script reading contest which is a great tool for learning the art of evaluating performance.

Check out their site and see what they offer – a LOT of it is free including lots of practice scripts.

This time I want to tell you about a limited time $99 class (usually $127) that could help you discover if voiceover work is for you. One of the teachers is my good friend Randye Kaye. An amazing teacher.

The class is for newcomers who are unsure how they fit in, who need to learn about the opportunities, and determine if they have potential. Randye (or one of the other teachers who do this seminar) will be kind and polite, but candid in their critique.

This is from their website:

The Investigate Voice Over Class starts with a fun, exciting 4-hour session.
Your coach will outline the entire industry and sample your voice-over performance. The voice over class candidly assesses the marketability of your voice and talent, pinpoints your most marketable genres (audiobook, animation, commercial, documentary, etc.), and provides an in-depth understanding of the skills required to be successful in voice over.

Specifically, you will be assessed on 3 attributes:

  • Your voice (do casting agents hire your type voice?)
  • Your delivery (do casting agents hire your delivery style?)
  • Your marketability (comfort, desire, passion, ability, excitement… is this for you?)

The voice over class is small, and has just enough participants to give you a sense of how you stand among others, and your coach how you perform in front of others.

Available by WEBINAR, or in NYC, LA, DC, and CT.

If you decide to sign up, let them know I sent you.


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