Get Ready for Characters!

MartianIn a few weeks we will be starting to develop some characters for commercials, animation and video games, so it is time to really start listening to anything and everything where you hear something different than your own natural voice.

What you may start hearing is that the “characters” are not all extreme characters. They are just real people that sound different than you. People with an accent or regionalism. People with unusual cadence to their speech. People with different levels of education and polish.

Another newsletter from Edge Studio arrived today with a great column about finding those “real” characters. If you ever want to compete in the animation business, you need a whole bunch of characters in your bag of voices. Characters that can evolve into other characters.

So where do you find them? I tell people to watch documentaries or any other show where “real” people are speaking. Talk back to them, trying to match the attitudes, accents, pitch, placement, tone. I suggest eavesdropping on conversations and then (when you can find a private spot) try to recreate what you heard. Again, focusing in on what made that voice so interesting.

Edge Studio suggests the same kind of thing in this weeks newsletter that arrived today. As usual, it has some great advice!

The world is full of real characters. How many are in your VO toolkit?


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