Hear what you think! Be what you say!

This link is to a coach named Kate McClanaghan – her podcasts are recorded live during her sessions, and are very quick, so if you are trying to write stuff down, you will miss stuff, but there is good information in here. So sit back and just let it in and process it later. And then, if you are listening on SoundCloud, just let a few of them play.

The next one in the cue mentions something I have talked about in class – people tend to read a script the same way. You need to do something different with it – something still right for it – but different in order to grab the producer by the ears.

And if you let it play to the one after that you’ll hear some more great advice about bringing yourself to the audition.


Actors’ SOUND ADVICE coach and founder, Kate McClanaghan, offers insight into the most common direction you are likely to get as a voice actor, and how to best engage your imagination to improve every audition, take and performance.

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Listen at SoundCloud

(SoundCloud may be going away – just read an article about this potential, but her podcasts are here now.)


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