OK, here is your first chance to get some extra credit. Some of you need it!

Bring in a mainstream magazine to leave with the class and get 1 point. You can bring in more – but you will get 1 point total, not 1 point for each magazine. It will be shared with the rest of the class and be used – along with the other magazines that are collected – for your Mid-Term and your Final Project.

By “mainstream” I mean a magazine with a very broad audience. Time, Better Homes & Gardens, Self, Money, Cooking Light, etc. Magazines with lots of ads for national brand products.

Stay away from magazines/newspapers like Westways, or CostCo, or The Reader. The ads in these publications are very local  – and again, we are trying to raise the bar. Or the ads are co-op ads that become too complicated to turn into a radio or TV spot.

Also stay away from very targeted magazines like Yacht, or Guitar Strap Monthly (yeah, that’s made up, but you get the idea). YES, you can use the ads found in these magazines these days to create material for other kinds of demos, but we are going to focus on commercials for the Mid-Term and Final Project, so you need to use products that would be advertised on radio or television.

This scene is changing with the move to pro-roll on the Internet, so you may be able to find a gem or two in one of these more targeted magazines, but for the extra credit, bring in the more mainstream magazines.


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