Homework for Mon Oct 19, 2015

Read Chapter 15 in your textbook – Multiples. Find a partner and read together. Or read all the parts yourself. Remember the key to multiples is listening and responding.

We will be doing an IN-CLASS assignment on Monday, October 19. You must be present to get credit for this assignment.

Your Mid-Term will be assigned on Monday as well. If you want to read what that is, please refer to the Index of your Workbook and look for Mid-Term Assignment.

Also, continue to watch cartoons and animated features. You will be filling out the Cartoons/Animations grid on page 14 of your Workbook. The due date for that has not been set, but don’t put it off.

Your reading for the Cartoons/Animation weeks ahead is from the textbook – Chapters 14 and 18. We will be starting characters next Wednesday.


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