Homework for Mon Nov 9, 2015

Moving on to Narration, Non-broadcast, eLearning, Marketing, Documentary work. While we used Commercials for most of the semester so far – because of the ease of finding them and their short length – these areas of voiceover work will probably offer you the most access into the business.

As with previous assignments, you will be reading each of the scripts in Chapter 16 of your Textbook. Then selecting one that you think you will do the best job.

Use the Instructions on Page 35 of your Workbook to do this assignment. (Please consider my rant last night about people not reading the instructions!)

Please note the comments on a few of the scripts in the chapter. Also, as mentioned in class, I would prefer that you NOT do the Infomercial read for playback in class…Syber Deluxe.

This is your last in-class playback/critique/re-record exercise. From here we move onto the business of the business.


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