Voice Recording Bootcamp Class – Big discount

Passing this deal along – good through January 11.

The folks at Studio C here in San Diego are offering this special price.

For $10 you can get the VR bootcamp class (11 hrs or so of video content), versus $129 normal price.  Its only through January 11.    A former student passed this information along. He found it to be very helpful in how to record and edit sound, using Audacity. There is also an offering, again for $10 for a an in depth Audacity course as well.  They are both through Udemy https://www.udemy.com/voice-recording-bootcamp

Who might benefit? For home recording voice over artists who want to compete in an online market, we offer the Voice Recording Bootcamp. This course picks up where the voice acting classes leave off. Voice Recording Bootcamp provides in-depth, hands-on training in recording and production by professional audio engineers that allows students to produce studio quality work for auditions and jobs



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