Homework for Mon Feb 29, 2016

Moving on to the Spokesperson Chapter – Chapter 12 – in your textbook. Be ready with your recorded assignment and your written work.

We will follow the same format – play back your recording. Analyze and critique – provide a bit of direction – and then you will re-record the script there in class.

Please refer to Page 20 in your Workbook for the details of the assignment. As I mentioned in class (for those of you who were there) – the instructions are very clear. Please follow them. If you do not have the written assignment as described in the assignment or you do not have the assignment recorded for playback in class, I will not accept it.

If you have any questions or problems, I encourage you to drop me an email and ask. If you have questions and don’t ask, and then show up unprepared, then accept the consequences. We all make mistakes, but there are often things we can do to help head them off at the pass.




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