Billy West Talks about the Voice of Fry

Here’s another kick-butt character voice – Billy West – as he talks about creating the voice of Fry in Futurama.

Read the article – it has lots of insight into how an actor develops a voice. Sometimes you are voice matching (like Bugs Bunny). Sometimes you are creating a new voice. As we talked about in class, this could have several different paths to development – a description, an image or a sound.

Billy says:

If they show you characters that don’t exist yet, you just create voices for them. They show you a picture of the character, and they tell you all about him or her. They tell you their likes, dislikes, so on. You know, what they act like, what their mood is most of the time and how they act in certain situations. You have to take all those things into consideration and come up with a voice.

Bugs Bunny Voice Actor Billy West – read this article!


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