Homework for Mon, Apr 11, 2016

Sorry for the delay – but since most of you were in class on Wednesday and took notes, this should not be new information!

Continue your Listening with the grids on pages 14. .15 and 16 in your Workbook – no date has been set to turn in these grids yet. Just listen and fill them in.

  • Page 14 – Documentaries
  • Page 15 – Marketing/Training/Communication – Non-Broadcast/Internet
  • Page 16 – Voicemail/IVR/System Prompts

Homework Recording Assignment: Page 22 in Workbook – Practice Your Delivery. This is an exercise to help you with the ABC/Group of 3 read concept. I just need the paperwork for this assignment. I expect you to record it in order to answer the questions, but I do not need to hear it played back in class.

Extra Credit Assignment is due on Monday, April 11, 2016 – Hallmark. Remember, there is a word MISSING. Please identify where the word should be and see if you can figure out what word it could be.

Homework for Wednesday is from Chapter 16 in your Textbook. Refer to Page 36 in your Workbook for the details of the assignment.



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