Things to think about as you think about voiceover work – Voice Quality

So, you want to get into the voice acting business. It is not easy and there is a lot more to it than having a good voice. You need business skills and technological abilities.

But you also need to know your own voice.

Part 2 – Voice Quality

It is not necessary to have the deep rich announcer sound to get into voiceover work. But to be versatile and hireable for the vast majority of the work, you need a pleasant voice without unusual or distracting voice qualities. Here is a list of some voice qualities that could hurt your chances.

  • Breathy
  • Strident
  • Harsh
  • Nasal
  • Denasal
  • Throaty
  • Hoarse

Even if you don’t want to get into voiceover work, you still need to know what you sound like if you want to be persuasive in your life and your work.


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